• ✔ CONTROLS CABLE AND CORD CLUTTER --- Most electronics have some type of power cord and many have additional cables; the collection of cables and cords can become an unattractive and unmanageable clutter. The practical nylon zip ties keep wires organized and neat. Use them to tie up printer cables, mouse cords, speaker wires and much more..
  • ✔ USEFUL IN MANY SCENARIOS --- More than just amazing organizing straps for computer and TV cables, there are a variety of other scenarios the Vila Nylon self-locking cable ties are useful for. A convenient tool for your home, office, workshop or garage, these flexible nylon cable ties can be used to organize extension cords, loose tools and even to tie up training plants..
  • ✔ SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY --- Each package of Vila Reusable Cable Fastening Ties includes a total of 50 pieces. People of all ages and occupations find a creative and practical use for the nylon fasteners. Florists and gardeners love them for training plants where to grow. Business executives and college students love them for organizing all of their messy computer cords and cables..
  • ✔ EASY TO USE AND RE-USE --- The easy to use hook and loop style of cable ties features an eye-hole on one end and touch fasteners on the other so you can simply wrap up cables, pull the tail through the hole and adhere using the self-adhesive fasteners. It is just as easy to pull off the touch fasteners and re-use the fastening straps over and over again. The handy self-locking design means that you don’t need any special tools, scissors or tape..
  • ✔ VERSATILE AND RELIABLE --- Crafted using high-quality nylon fabric designed to last for years, the Vila Cable Ties are reliable, durable and versatile. With a length of 6” and a width of 0.7”, the multi-purpose black fastening straps with hook and loop attachments can be attached to one another to add length and create a longer strap..
  • Imported from UK.
What are the cable ties made of? The package of 50 Vila Fastening Straps are made using durable nylon fabric and reliable hook-and-loop closure in a classic black color. These hook and loop cord ties are 6 inches long and 0.7 inches wide. The reusable cord self-sticking straps makes the fabric option much better than traditional plastic zip ties because you do not need to trim it and you can easily pull them apart and re-use these multi-functional cable ties. How do the nylon fasteners work? If you are using the wire straps to organize loose cables and cords, simply gather the cords together and wrap the length of the strap around them tightly. Then, pull the tail of the strap through the eye hole on the opposite end and secure using the self-adhesive fastening ties. Once wrapped, the cable tie can easily be opened and closed again to add or remove cords. The eye hole can also be used to hang items from a hook and you can also tie multiple straps together to add length. What else can I use the wire straps for? Highly versatile, the multi-purpose nylon straps are used for more than simply organizing speaker cables, headphone wires, computer cords and television cables in your home or office. They are also widely used by gardeners and florists to tie up young plants training them where to grow. Other uses are keeping tools together in your workshop, combining multiple packages or hanging indoor and outdoor decorations such as glass globes and spinning art.

50 Reusable Cable Fastening Ties - Keeps Wires Neat and Organized - Perfect for Cell Phone Charging Cables & TV cords - Black Hook & Eye Closure Straps from Vila - Durable, Versatile and Flexible