• ▲ Durable - The 517-nozzle is made of metal, is hard and wear resistant and therefore has a long life. This product is a universal spray rail auxiliary tool for household wall color separation coating..
  • ▲ Range of application - This tool is specially used for spraying wall paints and creates a clear wall spray effect. Suitable for windows, door frames, roof lines, etc. With the additional long rod it can be used for spraying in higher position and more distant position..
  • ▲ Adjustable - baffle and nozzle can adjust the correct position according to the actual situation, which is convenient for spraying, easily spray to the edges without the need for tape or a shield. Monitoring and lighting effects..
  • ▲ Metal baffle - a metal plate large enough to prevent paint from being sprayed on the other side. It should be noted that the metal panel can no longer be located in front of the nozzle and runs faster, otherwise it will affect the spray effect..
  • ▲ Easy to use - professional airless sprayer, easy to install and operate. Compatible with Graco, Titan and Werner nozzles. Suitable for most airless sprayers up to 7/8 inches..
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  • Imported from USA.
This is a general-purpose spray tool for home use that does not spray on the edges when spraying, nor does it require tape and a protective cover. It is very convenient to use. Specification: Material: metal + plastic Maximum pressure: -34.5 MPa -5000PSI -345 bar Application: All 7/8"" Gun Baffle Spraying Package included: 1 × spray baffle 1 × Nozzle 1 × stretch rod Note: - 1, Do not point the weapon at your body and do not keep your body in contact with the liquid flow. - 2, Always release the pressure in the paint line and lock the gun trigger before replacing the tip, remove the fitting or service the device. - 3, The manual measurement has a difference of 1-2 mm. - 4, Avoid contact with power lines which can cause burns or electrocution, when using stretch rod. - 5, Do not use with halogenated hydrocarbon solvents or fluids. - 6, Fluid injection can cause serious injury or require amputation. Keep hands and body away from tip. Relieve pressure before cleaning or disassembing

CPROSP Spray Guide Accessory Tool for Airless Paint Sprayer Universal Paint Spraying Accessory Nozzle Gun Anti-Splash Baffle with Extension Rod