• Standard OATH compliant HOTP (event based). HOTP is to be used with Symantec VIP Access..
  • Generates a 6-digit HOTP code with one tap of the touch button.
  • FIDO U2F support with Symantec VIP attestation certificate.
  • Zero footprint: no need for the end user to install any software.
  • Secure, sturdy, and long-life hardware design.
  • Imported from USA.
Symantec VIP authenticator (K10S) is a multi-functional security key which supports FIDO U2F (with Symantec VIP attestation certificate) and OATH HOTP (event-based). The HOTP function is to be used with Symantec VIP Access. The Symantec VIP authenticator (token) can bring an extra layer of security to your accounts and protect them from unauthorized access and phishing attacks.

Symantec VIP Hardware Authenticator – K12S - Two Factor Authentication Security Key - Fits USB-A - FIDO U2F Certified

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