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    Product description ------------------- The album Altered State by Yellowjackets on Hybrid CD/SACD Audio in Stereo and 5-Channel Surround. The Stereo Hybrid SACD program can be played on any standard compact disc player. The DSD Surround and Stereo programs require an SACD player for playback. All original DSD Recordings in Surround and Stereo. .com ---- A key to the longevity of The Yellowjackets can be seen in the writing credits on their latest release. Truly a collective enterprise, all four members write in styles which play to the strengths of their compatriots. Bassist Jimmy Haslip's "Youth Eternal" chugs along over his funky foundation, but Bob Mintzer's tenor lines complete the picture. Mintzer's own "March Majestic" is built on Russell Ferrante's gospel-tinged chording and drummer Marcus Baylor's tight snare rolls. Warmly produced, the subtleties are captured with vivid presence. The disc flows with a cohesiveness, but is built around drama and contrast as well. Guest vocalist Jean Baylor appears on "The Hope," backed by four additional singers, and this one vocal number fits in perfectly. Not forced into the set, it finds the quartet supporting a foreground lyric with grace and invention. --David Greenberger

    Altered State