• A great chilli jam which uniquely combines the African “super-fruit” baobab in a tangy, very flavourful recipe.
  • A versatile relish for meat, fish, vegetables & tofu.
  • High chilli heat.
  • Suitable for a Gluten Free diet.
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  • Imported from UK.
Bim's Kitchen Great Taste Award winning African Baobab Chilli Jam is a condiment which uniquely combines African baobab fruit, chillies, peppers and spices into delicious, fiery recipe. It is delightful with meat, fish, tofu, vegetables, eggs, cheese or some plain pasta/noodles and can be used as a cooking ingredient. Bim’s Kitchen makes a delicious and innovative range of hand-made African-inspired sauces and condiments from exotic ingredients native to or commonly used in Africa like baobab fruit, coconut, tigernuts, alligator pepper, cubeb pepper, peanuts, cashew nuts, hibiscus flowers, Birdseye chillies and tamarind. All products are suitable for vegetarians and most for vegans. All have no or less than 20ppm gluten and are thus suitable for a gluten free diet. Ingredients ----------- Hibiscus water (water infused with hibiscus petals), demerara sugar, roasted red peppers (12%), chilli (cayenne and birdseye chillies) (6%), BARLEY malt vinegar, baobab fruit (6%), ground ginger, minced onion, garlic granules, salt, cinnamon.

Bim's Kitchen African Baobab Chilli Jam 215 g (Pack of 6)