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  • NAME(S):  Szechuan Pepper / Sichuan Pepper / Szechwan Pepper / Chinese Pepper / Flatspine Prickly Ash / Sichuan Peppercorn / Chinese Coriander / Chinese Prickly Ash / Flatspine Ash // SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Zanthoxylum Simulans syn. Zanthoxylum Bungei.
  • HARDINESS ZONE:  5 - 9 // BLOOM TIME:  Flowers May - June // HARVEST: Seeds Ripen in Oct.
  • PLANT HEIGHT:  15 - 20' // PLANT SPACING:  15 - 20'.
  • LIGHT:  Sun // WATER:  Average // COLOR:  Greenish Yellow Flowers / Reddish Brown Fruit.
  • Imported from USA.
OTHER: Zanthoxylum Simulans, the Szechuan Pepper plant, is a shrub to small tree that is actually in the citrus family, not the pepper family. They are native to eastern China & Taiwan, & are cold hardy to Zone 5. The plants are able to grow in nearly any type of soil including clay, & can even tolerate full shade. It is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. The bushes are actually quite ornamental! They have pretty white flowers in clusters that turn to cluster of 3-4mm pink fruit. The pink shells later open to reveal shiny black seeds. The stems have spines, & the foliage is fragrant when it’s crushed. In fall, the leaves turn lovely shades of yellow, orange, & orangey-red. The plants are dioecious, so you will need both male & female plants for pollination. It is the pink seed shells or husks that are the edible spice called Szechuan Pepper. The seeds actually have no flavor, but will fall out & get out of your way so you can easily pick the fragrant pink pods. Szechuan Pepper is commonly used in Chinese & Indian cuisine. The husks can be used whole, or ground into powder. It is one of the ingredients for five-spice powder. Szechuan Pepper has a stronger flavor than black pepper with a unique somewhat citrusy flavor.

25 SZECHUAN PEPPER Peppercorn Sichuan Szechwan Zanthoxylum Simulans Spice Seeds